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Let Me Arrange Your Bail Bond

  • Personal Recognizance Bonds
  • Lower Bonds in Serious Felony Cases
  • It is Important that you call my office as soon as possible


Payment plans available for
All Legal Fees

  • Down Payments for Misdemeanors $350
  • Down Payments for Felonies Usually $500
  • Initial Consultations are Free
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Frequently Asked Questions:

I have a warrant for my arrest what should I do? 

Call my office for an appointment as soon as possible as I can arrange for a PR bond (Personal recognizance) in most misdemeanor cases as a part of my legal fee.  In more serious felony I can arrange for a lower bond and a payment plan for a bail bond.  Once the bond is posted with the sheriff’s department, the warrant will be withdrawn.

I violated my probation. Can you help me?

YES, I can help!  First, I can arrange for a bond on the Probation Violation so the warrant can be withdrawn.  Thereafter, I can represent you in court and seek to have your probation reinstated or discharged.

Can you lift a warrant?

YES!  I can arrange for warrants to be lifted in traffic tickets, and misdemeanor and felony cases in all counties of Texas.

Can you get someone out of jail?

YES!  I can arrange for releases for all jails in all counties of Texas.  Call my office immediately as I make myself available for emergencies such as getting a family member or friend out of jail as soon as possible..

How much do you charge to get someone out of jail?

If someone is in jail and has a bond set I can make arrangements for a bail bond to be posted immediately.  If someone is in jail without a bond having been set, I can arrange to have a bond set by the judge and thereafter, arrange for a bail bond.   The cost for the bond is based on the size of the bond.  But, and in most cases, my charge is less than the average bail bond company.

Do you handle cases outside Dallas County?

Yes, I handle cases in all surrounding counties of North Texas. 

How much do you charge to handle a Misdemeanor?

My legal fees to complete a misdemeanor without a trial begin at $1250.00.  I do offer a payment plan with a down payment of $350.00. The remainder may be paid over several months or upon completion of the case. 

How much do you charge to handle a felony?

My legal fees for representation on a felony case if disposed without a trial begin at $2,500.00 with a down payment of approximately $500.00.  The remainder may be paid over several months or longer but must be paid before completion of the case. 

Do you handle tickets?

Yes, I handle traffic tickets in all areas of the State of Texas. I can keep the citations completely off your driving record and in most cases you do not have to appear in court.  I can also have the warrants lifted as part of my representation. 

How long have you been practicing law?

I have been practicing law for over 30 years in Dallas County.  My first position as an attorney was with Dallas County as an Assistant District Attorney prosecuting criminal cases. 

What is the consultation fee?

There is no fee for your initial consultation.  I will be able to answer your questions concerning my approach to the case, the likely outcome, and what my legal fees will be.  Please contact my secretary and request an appointment during my regular office hours which are Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes, I offer payment plans for all legal fees.  The down payment for a misdemeanor is $350.00 and for a felony it is usually $500.00.

Why do I have to go to Court?

The law requires the Defendant to appear and answer charges.  I can appear for you in most misdemeanor and traffic ticket cases.

Where are you located?

My office is located on the third floor of the Katy Building which is situation on the corner of Commerce Street and Market Street in the West End of downtown Dallas.  The Katy Building is diagonally across the street from the George Allen Courts Building (big white courthouse) and is very near the Kennedy Memorial, El Centro College and the Greyhound Bus Station.  There is ample parking at meters and surrounding parking lots.

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